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Search through our full range of in-stock indoor plants, from fabulous foliage to super succulents.

Peruse the urban jungle, choose your favourite houseplants (or outdoor plants) and order online with free UK delivery over £60.

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Tradescantia 'Nanouk' (7cm pot) - grow urban. UKTradescantia 'Nanouk' (7cm pot) - grow urban. UK
Tradescantia 'Nanouk'

Inch Plant

Sale price£6.50
Oxalis triangularis 'Mijke' - grow urban. UKOxalis triangularis 'Mijke' - grow urban. UK
Oxalis triangularis 'Mijke'

False Shamrock

Sale price£10
easy care Peperomia ‘Hope’ - grow urban. UKPeperomia ‘Hope’ - grow urban. UK
Peperomia ‘Hope’

Acorn Peperomia

Sale price£12.50
pet friendly Nephrolepis ‘Green Lady’ - grow urban. UKNephrolepis ‘Green Lady’ - grow urban. UK
Nephrolepis ‘Green Lady’

Boston Fern

Sale price£11.50
easy care Sansevieria ‘Fernwood’ (6cm pot) - grow urban. UKSansevieria ‘Fernwood’ (6cm pot) - grow urban. UK
Sansevieria ‘Fernwood’ (mini)

Snake Plant

Sale price£7.50
Hypoestes phyllostachya - grow urban. UKHypoestes phyllostachya - grow urban. UK
Hypoestes phyllostachya

Polka Dot Plant

Sale price£4
shade tolerant Hedera helix 'Elja' - grow urban. UKHedera helix 'Elja' - grow urban. UK
Hedera helix 'Elja'

English Ivy

Sale price£8.50
pet friendly Tillandsia usneoides [Spanish Moss] - 45cm - grow urban. UKTillandsia usneoides [Spanish Moss] - 45cm - grow urban. UK
Tillandsia usneoides (45cm)

Spanish Moss

Sale price£15
easy care Schefflera ‘Nora’ (13cm pot) - grow urban. UKSchefflera ‘Nora’ (13cm pot) - grow urban. UK
Schefflera ‘Nora’

Umbrella Plant

Sale price£15
Asparagus setaceus (12cm pot) - grow urban. UKAsparagus setaceus (12cm pot) - grow urban. UK
Asparagus setaceus

Asparagus Fern

Sale price£9.50
pet friendly Maranta 'Lemon Lime' - grow urban. UKMaranta 'Lemon Lime' - grow urban. UK
Maranta 'Lemon Lime'

Prayer Plant

Sale price£15
easy care Monstera deliciosa (14cm pot) - grow urban. UKMonstera deliciosa (14cm pot) - grow urban. UK
Monstera deliciosa (14cm pot)

Swiss Cheese Plant

Sale price£14
pet friendly Adiantum raddianum [Maidenhair Fern] - grow urban. UKAdiantum raddianum [Maidenhair Fern] - grow urban. UK
Adiantum raddianum

Maidenhair Fern

Sale price£10
Hoya linearis (hangpot) - grow urban. UK
Hoya linearis

Porcelain Flower

Sale price£25
pet friendly Ceropegia woodii (8cm pot) - grow urban. UKCeropegia woodii (8cm pot) - grow urban. UK
Ceropegia woodii (8cm pot)

String of Hearts

Sale price£8
easy care Scindapsus ‘Silvery Ann’ - grow urban. UKScindapsus ‘Silvery Ann’ - grow urban. UK
Scindapsus ‘Silvery Ann’

Satin Pothos

Sale price£10
pet friendly Tillandsia - Air Plant (Lucky Dip) - grow urban. UKTillandsia - Air Plant (Lucky Dip) - grow urban. UK
Tillandsia - Air Plant

Air Plant

Sale price£5
Gynura 'Purple Passion' (7cm pot) - grow urban. UKGynura 'Purple Passion' (7cm pot) - grow urban. UK
Gynura 'Purple Passion'

Purple Velvet Plant

Sale price£5.50
easy care Scindapsus ‘Argyraeus’ (14cm hangpot) - grow urban. UKScindapsus ‘Argyraeus’ (14cm hangpot) - grow urban. UK
Scindapsus ‘Argyraeus’ (hangpot)

Satin Pothos

Sale price£20
Senecio rowleyanus (12cm pot) - grow urban. UK
Senecio rowleyanus

String of Pearls

Sale price£13.50
Sold outGymnocalycium mihanovichii 'Variegata'Gymnocalycium mihanovichii 'Variegata' (lucky dip) - grow urban. UK
Gymnocalycium mihanovichii 'Variegata'

Moon Cactus

Sale price£20
pet friendly Peperomia ‘Hope’ (hangpot) - grow urban. UK
Peperomia ‘Hope’ (hangpot)

Acorn Peperomia

Sale price£17.50
pet friendly Peperomia ‘Rosso’ - grow urban. UKPeperomia ‘Rosso’ - grow urban. UK
Peperomia ‘Rosso’

Radiator Plant

Sale price£9
shade tolerant Aglaonema 'Pinky Promise' - grow urban. UKAglaonema 'Pinky Promise' - grow urban. UK
Aglaonema 'Pinky Promise'

Chinese Evergreen

Sale price£6.50