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large & tall plants

A range of large specimens plants that will bring maximum impact to your home.

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Alocasia 'Regal Shields' - grow urban. UKAlocasia 'Regal Shields' - grow urban. UK
Alocasia 'Regal Shields'

Upright Elephant Ears

Sale price£89
Alocasia zebrina 'Black'Alocasia zebrina 'Black'
Anthurium clarinervium (24cm pot)Anthurium clarinervium (24cm pot)
Anthurium clarinervium (24cm pot)

Velvet Cardboard Anthurium

Sale price£119
Anthurium hookeri
Anthurium hookeri Sale price£129
easy care Aspidistra elatior (21cm pot) - grow urban. UKAspidistra elatior (21cm pot) - grow urban. UK
Aspidistra elatior (21cm pot)

Cast Iron Plant

Sale price£89
pet friendly Calathea lancifolia (24cm pot) - grow urban. UKCalathea lancifolia (24cm pot) - grow urban. UK
Calathea lancifolia (24cm pot)

Rattlesnake Plant

Sale price£75
Caryota mitis [Fishtail Palm] - grow urban. UKCaryota mitis [Fishtail Palm] - grow urban. UK
Caryota mitis

Fishtail Palm

Sale price£59
pet friendly Ctenanthe setosa 'Grey Star' XXL - grow urban. UKCtenanthe setosa 'Grey Star' XXL - grow urban. UK
Ctenanthe setosa 'Grey Star' XXL

Never Never Plant

Sale price£209
easy care Dracaena 'Janet Craig' (120cm) - grow urban. UKDracaena 'Janet Craig' (120cm) - grow urban. UK
Dracaena 'Janet Craig' (120cm)

Dragon Tree

Sale price£69
easy care Dracaena ‘Janet Craig' (180cm) - grow urban. UKDracaena ‘Janet Craig' (180cm) - grow urban. UK
Dracaena ‘Janet Craig' (180cm)

Dragon Tree

Sale price£179
easy care Dracaena ‘Janet Craig’ (100cm) - grow urban. UK
Dracaena ‘Janet Craig’ (90cm)

Dragon Tree

Sale price£45
easy care Epipremnum aureum (120cm) - grow urban. UKEpipremnum aureum (120cm) - grow urban. UK
Epipremnum aureum (120cm)

Golden Pothos

Sale price£79
Sold outFicus elastica 'Tineke' (24cm pot)Ficus elastica 'Tineke' (24cm pot)
Ficus elastica 'Tineke' (24cm pot)

Variegated Rubber Plant

Sale price£59
Homalomena rubescens ‘Maggy’ - grow urban. UKHomalomena rubescens ‘Maggy’ - grow urban. UK
pet friendly Howea forsteriana (125cm) - grow urban. UK
Howea forsteriana (125cm)

Kentia Palm

Sale price£89
pet friendly Howea forsteriana [Kentia] 170cm - grow urban. UK
Howea forsteriana (190cm)

Kentia Palm

Sale price£169
easy care Monstera deliciosa (90cm)Monstera deliciosa (90cm)
Monstera deliciosa (90cm)

Swiss Cheese Plant

Sale price£59
shade tolerant Monstera deliciosa (Moss Pole) - grow urban. UKMonstera deliciosa (Moss Pole) - grow urban. UK
Monstera deliciosa (Moss Pole)

Swiss Cheese Plant

Sale price£99
easy care Monstera dubia
Monstera dubia Sale price£109
pet friendly Pachira aquatica (180cm) - grow urban. UK
Pachira aquatica (180cm)

Money Tree

Sale price£229
easy care Philodendron scandens (160cm) - grow urban. UKPhilodendron scandens (160cm) - grow urban. UK
Philodendron scandens (160cm)

Sweetheart Plant

Sale price£129
Philodendron ‘Brasil’ (170cm) - grow urban. UKPhilodendron ‘Brasil’ (170cm) - grow urban. UK
shade tolerant Philodendron ‘Red Beauty’ - grow urban. UK
easy care Spathiphyllum 'Sebastiano' (24cm pot) - grow urban. UKSpathiphyllum 'Sebastiano' (24cm pot) - grow urban. UK
Spathiphyllum 'Sebastiano' (24cm pot)

Peace Lily

Sale price£89