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A selection of houseplants, displayed in pots, upon a countertop in our Grove Street shop in Edinburgh.

discover plants to transform your home.

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Exquisite Houseplants Delivered to Homes across the UK

At grow urban, we have a passion for plants and believe that everyone deserves to experience nature in their home. Whether you reside in Edinburgh or elsewhere in the UK, we've got you covered! Choose from our range of stunning houseplants, plant pots, gardening accessories and thoughtful gifts.

No matter the size or style of your living space - we have the perfect plant for you! From adorable cacti and succulents to majestic leafy wonders, our diverse selection ensures that you'll find the ideal plants to create your own indoor jungle.

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Pet friendly houseplants in decorative pots on a countertop in a shop

plants for businesses

Looking to add greenery to your workspace in Edinburgh? Let us help you to bring nature in to your office or business with a selection of easy-care plants.

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We love sharing our best plant care tips and updates from our urban jungle. Follow our plant gurus us on YouTube to stay up to date and let us guide you to grow healthy happy plants.

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news from the urban jungle

How to water houseplants - grow urban.

How to water houseplants

The title ‘How to water houseplants’ may seem obvious, however some of our most asked questions revolve around watering your indoor plants. Whether that be understanding watering schedules, solving...

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Plants with special meaning for your Valentine - grow urban.

Plants with special meaning for your Valentine

It’s time to celebrate all things love! Whether it be a grand gesture, or a table-top token spread a little bit of affection with some of our favourite plants with extra special meanings. Remember ...

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Caring for Portulacaria afra (the Elephant Bush or Spekboom Plant) - grow urban.

Caring for Portulacaria afra (the Elephant Bush or Spekboom Plant)

Portulacaria afra is a shrubby succulent that is part of the Didiereaceae family and can be found natively growing in rocky areas across South Africa. This fascinating plant has edible, moisture-fi...

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Interior of grow urban. Grove Street Edinburgh

Order online for UK houseplant delivery direct from our Edinburgh plant shop - the happy haven for plant lovers!

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