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A selection of houseplants, displayed in pots, upon a countertop in our Grove Street shop in Edinburgh.

discover plants to transform your home.

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Pet friendly houseplants in decorative pots on a countertop in a shop

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Looking to add greenery to your workspace in Edinburgh? Let us help you to bring nature in to your office or business with a selection of easy-care plants.

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We love sharing our best plant care tips and updates from our urban jungle. Follow our plant gurus us on YouTube to stay up to date and let us guide you to grow healthy happy plants.

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The Weird and Wonderful World of Orchids - grow urban.

The Weird and Wonderful World of Orchids

Did you know that orchids are one of the largest species of plant in the world with thousands of different varieties? They are so adaptable that they can be found all over the world in tropical rai...

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Common Plant Pests and How to Treat Them

Common Plant Pests and How to Treat Them

Is there anything more painful than finding pests on your plant collection? Even with the best plant parenting it is difficult to prevent these wee beasties from finding our most prized potted frie...

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A History of 92 Grove Street, Edinburgh - grow urban.

A History of 92 Grove Street, Edinburgh

From hidden gems to celebrated landmarks, Edinburgh’s rich history shines through in its incredible range of architectural delights. Home to our flagship store, 92 Grove Street has been a talking p...

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Interior of grow urban. Grove Street Edinburgh

Order online for UK houseplant delivery direct from our Edinburgh plant shop - the happy haven for plant lovers!

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