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mother's day

Show that special lady in your life just how much you love her with a plant (or two) from this collection. Don't forget to add a decorative pot for the finishing touch - recommended pot sizes can be found at the bottom of each plant product page.

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Anthurium ‘Joli Peach’ - grow urban. UKAnthurium ‘Joli Peach’ - grow urban. UK
Anthurium ‘Joli Peach’

Flamingo Flower

Sale price£16.50
Bonsai Terrarium - Aged Cork - grow urban. UK
Bulb Terrarium - Aged Cork - grow urban. UKBulb Terrarium - Aged Cork - grow urban. UK
Giant Terrarium - Aged Cork - grow urban. UKGiant Terrarium - Aged Cork - grow urban. UK
Hoya kerrii (Single Leaf) - grow urban. UKHoya kerrii (Single Leaf) - grow urban. UK
Hoya kerrii (Single Leaf)

Sweetheart Hoya

Sale price£5
Oxalis 'Plum Crazy' - grow urban. UKOxalis 'Plum Crazy' - grow urban. UK
Oxalis 'Plum Crazy'

Wood Sorrel

Sale price£8.50
Phalaenopsis 'Artisto Crafts' - grow urban. UKPhalaenopsis 'Artisto Crafts' - grow urban. UK
Phalaenopsis 'Artisto Crafts'

Moth Orchid

Sale price£23.50
Phalaenopsis ‘Optifriend' with Pot - grow urban. UKPhalaenopsis ‘Optifriend' with Pot - grow urban. UK
Phalaenopsis ‘Optifriend' with Pot

Moth Orchid

Sale price£20
Sold outPhalaenopsis ‘Soft Cloud’ (12cm pot) - grow urban. UKPhalaenopsis ‘Soft Cloud’ - grow urban. UK
Phalaenopsis ‘Soft Cloud’

Moth Orchid

Sale price£25
pet friendly Pilea peperomioides (15cm pot) - grow urban. UKPilea peperomioides (15cm pot) - grow urban. UK
Pilea peperomioides (15cm pot)

Chinese Money Plant

Sale price£29
Tradescantia 'Nanouk' (7cm pot) - grow urban. UKTradescantia 'Nanouk' (7cm pot) - grow urban. UK
Tradescantia 'Nanouk'

Inch Plant

Sale price£6.50