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Search through our full range of in-stock indoor plants, from fabulous foliage to super succulents.

Peruse the urban jungle, choose your favourite houseplants (or outdoor plants) and order online with free UK delivery over £60.

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easy care Spathiphyllum ‘Sweet Ricardo’ - grow urban. UKSpathiphyllum ‘Sweet Ricardo’ - grow urban. UK
Spathiphyllum ‘Sweet Ricardo’

Peace Lily

Sale price£12.50
easy care Portulacaria afra (12cm pot) - grow urban. UKPortulacaria afra (12cm pot) - grow urban. UK
Portulacaria afra (12cm pot)

Elephant Bush

Sale price£9
Pilea peperomioides (XL hangpot) - grow urban. UKPilea peperomioides (XL hangpot) - grow urban. UK
Pilea peperomioides (XL hangpot)

Chinese Money Plant

Sale price£75
Philodendron ‘Cobra’ (17cm pot) - grow urban. UKPhilodendron ‘Cobra’ (17cm pot) - grow urban. UK
easy care Sansevieria 'Moonshine' (24cm pot) - grow urban. UKSansevieria 'Moonshine' (24cm pot) - grow urban. UK
Sansevieria 'Moonshine' (24cm pot)

Snake Plant

Sale price£59
Sansevieria 'Golden Flame' - grow urban. UK
Sansevieria 'Golden Flame'

Snake Plant

Sale price£49
Sansevieria 'Golden Edge' XL - grow urban. UK
Sansevieria 'Golden Edge' XL

Snake Plant

Sale price£59
Strelitzia nicolai (220cm) - grow urban. UKStrelitzia nicolai (220cm) - grow urban. UK
Strelitzia nicolai (220cm)

Giant White Bird of Paradise

Sale price£299
pet friendly Peperomia sarcophylla - grow urban. UKPeperomia sarcophylla - grow urban. UK
Peperomia sarcophylla

Radiator Plant

Sale price£20
Ficus ‘Amstel King’ (180cm) - grow urban. UKFicus ‘Amstel King’ (180cm) - grow urban. UK
Ficus ‘Amstel King’ (180cm)

Ficus binnendijkii

Sale price£279