Phalaenopsis ‘Soft Cloud’

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Phalaenopsis ‘Soft Cloud’

An impressive moth orchid with a mass of white flowers which are long-lasting and, with very little care, the plant will continue to bud throughout the year. A great gift!

Prefers bright, indirect light. Water when the roots are looking silvery in colour – this will be around every 10 days to two weeks, depending on the time of year and the temperature in your home. Dunk and hold the plastic nursery pot into tepid water to allow the roots to get a good soak for around 10 minutes. Feed with orchid solution in spring/summer. Keep the leaves clean of dust. 

Once the flowers have faded, cut the flowering stalk back to just above the second node (joint) visible beneath the spent flowers. A new flowering side shoot may develop.

If a plant is large and healthy but does not produce flowers in a reasonable time, then reduce the temperature by 5°C for four weeks, and a flower spike will usually develop.

Pot Size: 12cm
Height: 32cm

vendor:grow urban

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