Peperomia argyreia (12cm pot)

pet friendly

Peperomia argyreia [Watermelon Peperomia]

Native to South America this stunning and distinctive Peperomia has watermelon-like striped leaves. Tiny green flower spikes appear in summer.

Prefers any mid to bright levels of light. Over-watering is the biggest mistake and the soil should be allowed to very slightly dry before re-watering. Feed just twice a year and mist occasionally.

Nursery Pot Size: 12cm
Height: 20cm
Fits Decorative Pot Size: 14cm

Please note, the leaves of this plant are delicate and especially prone to some bruising upon transportation so you may find a couple of marks on the undersides of the leaves but this will not affect the overall health of the plant.

vendor:grow urban

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