Jungle Feed: unique plant fertiliser


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Produced by the beetle species Tenebrio molitor, this natural fertiliser contains rich organic matter. It serves as a natural, long-lasting plant food. The fact that it is in a dry, granular, (and odourless) form means that it diffuses slowly in the soil and ensures that your plants put down healthy roots.

How to use it...

At the beginning of each growing season (springtime), spread the necessary quantity onto the soil and scratch it in. The granules will diffuse naturally each time you water your plant. One stick feeds three medium-sized plants for three to four months!


Nitrogen (38.5 g / kg): promotes the development of the aerial part of the plant and encourages photosynthesis.
Phosphorus (39.1 g / kg): plays on rooting, good fruit ripening and the overall resistance of the plant.
Potassium (25.5 g / kg): increases resistance to various diseases and stimulates the growth of flowers and fruits.
+ Organic matter> 80%.
+ Trace elements: zinc, iron and manganese.

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