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Article: Gift Guide for a Plant Lover

A glass mister, watering can, plant snips, tote bag and postcard on display in a plant shop.

Gift Guide for a Plant Lover

We all have a friend, partner or family member who loves plants. Someone who has built up their own personal jungle over the years and with Christmas around the corner you want to get them a little extra something special, but what do you get someone who has every plant?!

Here are a couple plant related gift options we know have been popping up on customer Christmas lists, as well as a couple of options from our Plant Gurus wish lists! 

grow urban. Gift Package

This limited-edition tote contains everything a plant lover dreams of! It includes a grow urban. tote, Okatsune Japanese Snips, £10 gift voucher (which can be redeemed online or in store!), Haws Langley Watering Can, grow urban. enamel pin and a brown glass mister. The whole bundle is worth £56 but you can grab this for just £39. Order online before this special edition gift bag runs out! 

Unique Plant Gifts

Acorn Vases offer an elegant and unique way to grow your own plant and it’s super easy! Simply fill with water, sit your germinated acorn into the neck of the vase and watch the roots begin to sprout. 

Friend of a frequent traveller? Take a look at our House of Thol watering globes. When left full these will slowly release water into the plants compost and can last about 7 to 10 days before empty. The diameter of these fit most bottle tops so you could even add a larger bottle onto the terracotta cone for longer stints away. 

Another useful option is our brand new range of Plant Straws all the way from Stockholm. This father/daughter duo favour small-scale production to produce beautifully designed, functional and durable products. Plantstraws are for self-watering of houseplants to avoid you having to keep to a rigid watering schedule. Sophie has been struggling to keep this new product a secret for months now;

“We are super excited to have got our hands on these sought-after Plantstraws. They are such creative designs and make things that have been created for functionality so beautiful that they end up making gorgeous display items! These are a definite Christmas list item for me.


Terrariums make a great gift, particularly for less confident plant lovers. They take very little care as they create their own ecosystems by recycling their water and air. This means you do not have to water your terrarium, simply place in a bright spot out of direct light. If the soil looks dry give it a light mist and if too wet remove the lid until the condensation evaporates. Fool proof!

For more advanced plant lovers we have everything needed to build your own terrarium including beautiful empty brass terrariums, tools, soil, grit and even humidity loving plants that will thrive in a closed terrarium. 

Niwaki Tools

From various styles of pruning tools, flower arranging plates and even gold spades we have some of Niwakis coveted indoor and outdoor gardening tools. Their premium range of tools highlights the very best of Japanese design and craftmanship as well as care accessories to keep your tools looking brand new for years to come. Be it a pair of ‘Sentei Bonsai Scissors’ or a ‘Niwaki Kenzan’, each tool is a little bit of luxury that’s enough to make any plant lover's heart skip a beat.

Our Plant Guru Fiona is a flower enthusiast and recommends the Niwaki Kenzan flower plates for their simple elegance. “They are a great tool to display beautiful floral arrangements with creative flare!”

Haws Watering Cans

Haws are one of the oldest watering can companies in the world and still creating classic, durable cans to this day. An incredible addition to any home  interior we are proud to stock these beauties in a variety of styles, colours and material. After receiving one as a gift recently Evie would recommend the Haws cans.

“They are super hard wearing and so beautiful to have on display for aesthetic.  Having it out is also a great reminder for me to check my plants for watering at home!

Pow Pots

Since we first opened in 2019 brightly coloured Pow Pots have been a major feature in our window display. They have become a firm favourite with customers and staff alike and make amazing gifts! These incredible pots are cast and hand painted by the lovely ladies at Pow Pots in the UK.  Available in a variety of styles and sizes, they offer a contemporary option to traditional pots on the market. 

Botanical Books 

Books on where some of our favourite houseplants are from, propagation advice or even just as coffee table read we have some of the best and most beautiful books for avid plant lovers. These books have caught the eye of our lovely Plant Guru Bea who is currently on the hunt for some plantae coffee table books. 

“There are a couple of reads I have my eye on! The Botanicum books have really nice illustrations which I love flicking through. Information-wise, I would have to go with the Little Book of Houseplants and other Greenery. It’s such an informative little book that I’d definitely recommend it for anyone looking for extra background info on their favourite houseplants!

grow urban. Coffee

Our house blend by local roaster Mr. Eion makes the perfect gift for any coffee lover! This unique blend is a combination of beans which create delicious coffee with notes of dark chocolate with a caramel sweetness and blueberry acidity. Not only do we offer this delicious coffee in our cafes, but also have whole beans and ground for cafetiere for sale so you can enjoy a grow urban. brew at home. When asked what gift he would most recommend and our lovely Plant Guru Chris recommended this as his top pick!

"Not too acidic with a really nice chocolate-ie flavour. My favourite coffee is a flat white and I find our house blend pairs really nicely with milk or oat milk."

grow urban. goods

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make best gifts! Plant care, unpacking stock, and coffee making can dry out our Plant Guru hands. To remedy this quite a few of us already have a tube of our nourishing lemon, black pepper and vetiver grow urban. hand cream so it’s only natural that it has appeared on our Dees Christmas list too!  “Not only does the scent bring me joy, but it would help protect my hands from the winter cold.”

We also have a variety of grow urban. goods in equally delicious scents from tomato and blackcurrant soy candles to black pomegranate handwash. These make excellent stocking fillers. Alternatively, why not gift one to yourself for cosy vibes to get your through the winter months!

Plant Care – soil, feed, pruners 

There is nothing more special than a care package. Something that has been carefully curated by a loved one full to the brim with all your favourite things -  or better yet to look after all your favourite things! Here at grow urban. we stock a plethora of tools and materials so why not gather essentials to keep your loved one’s houseplants thriving throughout the year? 

A couple of key things we’d recommend are repotting essentials such as soil, nursery pots and even coir poles for out-of-control monsteras! Other useful essentials for plant lovers include Soil. Ninja compost blends, twine, pruners, gardening gloves and feeds. If unsure of what type of houseplant feed is needed we recommend Liquid Gold Leaf. This is a premium feed and can be used on a larger variety of plants than a general houseplant feed.

Still unsure of the perfect gift? We may be biased, but you can never go wrong with a plant! Luckily, we make sure our urban jungle is always full to the brim with wonderfully exotic foliage, freshly topped up with new plant deliveries every week!  

Keep an eye out for our up-coming blog on our Top Five Festive Favourites for some of our most loved Christmas plants!