The Hidden Histories of House Plants


The Hidden Histories of Houseplants explores 20 of the world's most common houseplants by Maddie & Alice Bailey

This book isn't just a dry exploration of historical cultivation; the narrative explores the plants' places in social history, science and culture, showcasing the most fascinating elements of each plant's story, be it the exploration as to why Monstera deliciosa have holes in their leaves, whether houseplants have the ability to count, or why Calathea leaves open during the day and close up at night.

Accompanied by stunning illustrations, each text takes the reader on a journey through time, history and culture, told by the most universally binding objects in our homes from London to Beijing - houseplants.

Publisher: Hardie Grant Books (UK) 
ISBN: 9781784884055 
Number of pages: 160 

vendor:grow urban

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