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Liquid Gold Leaf Photo+ (250ml)

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Brand new to grow urban is Liquid Gold Leaf's newest product, Photo+ which has been designed to naturally increase Photosynthesis. Ideal for plants in shadier spots or plants with variegation. 

When sprayed on indoor plants Photo+ activates secondary messengers which increase enzymatic and hormone activity to boost Brix levels (total sugar content) and plant immunity. Similarly, below the soil, cell growth is enhanced creating stronger root networks allowing for greater nutrient uptake and a perfect partner for Liquid Gold Leaf’s unique and fully soluble nutrient feed.

- Increases the rate of photosynthesis, with rapid translocation throughout the plant triggering metabolic events and resulting growth & health even when in shaded areas or with variegated plants with reduced photosynthesis capabilities.

- Influences mineral uptake from all growing substrates, making the most of feeding from Liquid Gold Leaf.

- Increases permeability to water and solutions and enhances the capacity to retain moisture, saving on water use.

- Enhances synthesis of proteins for more robust leaf surfaces.

- Promotes more tillering, branching, and new growth.

- Increases root mass, length, and earlier plant maturity for a quicker establishment of new plants.

- Increase in plants' natural immunity to pests and pathogens.

How to use:

Shake well before use. To make a solution suitable for foliar spray, dilute 2ML per 1 Litre of water at room temperature. Spray onto all parts of the plant until the liquid drips off the plant. Best applied every 2 weeks in the morning for optimum plant uptake. Sensitive foliage or plants should be test sprayed prior to full application. Store in a cool dark area, out of the reach of children. Wash with warm water if eyes or skin come in contact with concentrate. The bottle contains 250ml concentrate making 125L of diluted product. Designed and manufactured in the UK

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