Fruit & Vegetables for Scotland


Fruit and Vegetables for Scotland: What to Grow and How to Grow It (Paperback)
by Kenneth Cox and Caroline Beaton 

Fruit and vegetables have formed a fundamental part of the Scottish diet for thousands of years. This fascinating and practical book explores the history of fruit, vegetable and herb growing in Scotland, and provides a contemporary guide to the best techniques for growing produce, whether in a garden, allotment, patio or window box. Packed with hundreds of colour photographs, drawings and descriptive diagrams, this is a detailed and comprehensive bible for the gardener. In addition to advice on climate and soil conditions, it has contacts for organisations, specialist societies, nurseries and suppliers, as well as a detailed bibliography and list of useful websites.This is an essential reference book for anyone aiming to get the best possible results from their garden produce north of the border.

ISBN: 9781780275338 
Number of pages: 320 

vendor:grow urban

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