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Ficus lyrata (35cm pot)

Fiddle Leaf Fig

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Huge, glossy, fiddle-shaped leaves with prominent veins pack a punch on this superbly flamboyant plant. Perfect for adding some serious, air-cleansing, greenery to your home.

The Ficus genus is part of the Moraceae family and most plants are native to Asia and the Mediterranean. There are over 800 different species in the Ficus genus which grow as shrubs, trees and vines.

Often referred to as 'Fig Trees' some of the plants in this genus get their common name from the fig-like fruits they grow in their natural habitat. The Ficus elastica gets its nickname "Rubber Plant" from the latex sap which was, in the past, used to make rubber.

Nursery Pot Size: 35cm
Height: 170cm

Care Instructions


Prefers indirect bright light and will tolerate direct sunlight in the morning or evening. Ficus like to be warm, so keep away from cold draughts.


Water thoroughly, then allow the top half of the compost to dry before rewatering. Over-watering will cause root rot.


Feed every second time you water through spring and summer with a quality liquid plant food. There is no need to feed this plant in winter.


This plant enjoys humidity. Mist regularly with water and remove dust from the leaves with a damp cloth to improve photosynthesis.

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