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Article: Top plants to give your Sweetheart

Top plants to give your Sweetheart - grow urban.

Top plants to give your Sweetheart

On the 14th of February every year we celebrate all things LOVE with our favourite patron saint, Valentine. Universally recognised as a symbol of love and romance, we traditionally celebrate by gifting our significant other a bunch of roses or a nice box of chocolates. However, cut flowers fade fast and, from our experience, chocolates don’t last very long either! So whether it be a lover, friend or just a special someone in your life, why not spread a little bit of love with a plant that can last a lifetime, rather than a week?

String of Hearts 

This semi succulent is renowned for its delicate stems adorned with small heart-shaped leaves. They thrive in bright light, however placing String of Hearts in a south facing window should be avoided as this can cause stress to the plant. Ceropegia woodii prefer to be watered when the top inch of soil dries out completely. However, due to their semi-succulent nature, they can withstand slight periods of drought for those slightly more forgetful plant lovers!


Calatheas come in so many beautiful colours and patterns. They thrive in bright, in-direct light and should be positioned away from draughts. Calathea prefer high humidity so ensure to mist the leaves a few times a week to keep their leaves lush! This plant family likes the top inch of their soil to dry out completely before rewatering. 

Calathea are often associated with the phrase ‘turning over a new leaf’ and symbolise new beginnings due to the movement of their leaves during the day. A great gift for a blooming romance or to celebrate big life changes!

Hoya kerrii

Hoya kerrii are a popular Valentine's gift choice due to their structured heart-shaped leaves.  These plants are usually cultivated with a single leaf and are likely to remain in this single heart form. Look for rarely-seen vined plants for a specimen to grow on. Thriving on neglect the Hoya kerrii only needs watered when the soil has completely dried out and prefers to be placed in bright, indirect light.


Aiming for something a bit more floral? Anthurium blooms can last for at least two to three months at a time! Their shiny, heart shaped leaves and stunning waxy flowers are a fabulous easy-care gift option. Anthuriums come in so many glorious colours from deep reds to vibrant purples and should be watered when the top inch of soil is bone dry. Mist a couple of times a week to keep their leaves looking lush!

For those who favour a more ‘Anti-Valentine’ aesthetic, turn to our more gothic looking Anthurium ’Black Love’ with striking black blooms!

Philodendron scandens

A sweetheart for your Sweetheart! Philodendron scandens is commonly known as the ‘Sweetheart Plant’ due to its large heart shaped leaves. Their incredible trailing vines look like something straight out of a fairy tale, especially when left to cascade down a bookshelf or macrame hanger! These plants will grow best in bright, indirect light, however can tolerate lower light conditions for those with shady spots to fill! Allow the top inch of soil to dry out completely between waterings and mist them frequently.

Tradescantia pallida

The Purple Heart Inch Plant is prized for its stunning purple foliage! This bushy trailing plant thrives in bright, indirect light. This is another humidity lover and should be kept away from heat sources to prevent the foliage from drying out. Water when the top inch of soil dries out. Due to their bushy nature why not try watering from below by sitting the base of the plant in water for half an hour or so?


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