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Article: how to get rid of fungus gnats

how to get rid of fungus gnats - grow urban.

how to get rid of fungus gnats

If you have houseplants - then you'll know what a Fungus Gnat is! A wee flying black beastie that’s sole purpose in life is to invade our homes and buzz around our houseplants. Luckily, they are completely harmless and just love to set up their homes in the moist, rich soil that our houseplants offer. One of our most frequently asked questions is “how do you get rid of Fungus Gnats?”. So here are our top tips to rid yourself and your houseplants of these flying menaces.

Swapping Soil

Sciarid Flies commonly known as Fungus Gnats can spread fast and tend to lay their eggs in the top inch of soil. Our number one tip is to replace the top inch with fresh soil to remove its larvae. Next, place a layer of grit or Shell on Earth on top of the compost as a top dressing to dissuade these flies from getting back into the compost and laying more eggs.

Bottom Watering

When watering you will often notice thin, white larvae rising to the top of the compost. Damp soil is like gold dust to Fungus Gnats so a great preventative measure is to try bottom watering your plants by sitting them in water for half an hour or so. This allows the roots to soak up water but can prevent the soil surface from becoming overly damp. Cooler temperatures should hopefully help kill off most of these pests. However, bear in mind with colder homes that compost will stay moist for longer so be cautious of overwatering which can cause root rot.

Sweet Smelling Liquids

A simple, at home remedy is to place a small bowl of apple cider vinegar or soy sauce near your houseplants and cover with cling film.  Pierce the film with a sharp knife to create small holes. The gnats are drawn to the fragrant liquid and will become trapped within the pot. 

If it's not Fungus Gnats, but pesky Fruit Flies bothering you at home, try our brand new Fruit Fly Traps’ by Super Ninja.

Yellow Sticky Traps

Yellow Sticky Traps, including our ‘Fungus Gnat & Whitefly Traps’ by Super Ninja, can be placed into the compost of affected plants to reduce the number of adult flies. The flies are attracted to brightly coloured traps and get stuck! Another at home alternative, is spreading a thin layer of honey on yellow card.

Sprinkling Cinnamon

A light sprinkling of cinnamon on the soil surface is commonly used as a successful deterrent of Fungus Gnats. The pests hate the smell of this spice and are discouraged from sticking around. This technique is considered a more humane option for getting rid of Fungus Gnats as the bugs remain unharmed.

For other pests including White Fly, Aphids, Mealybug and Spider Mite look to our SB Invigorator. This spray is an amazing alternative to harmful pest sprays and works as a fabulous plant invigorator to encourage new growth! Also available in a 250ml concentrate bottle.

You could be the best plant parent in the world and these wee monsters will still find you so do not despair! Simply follow these tips to get rid of fungus gnats.