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Small Crushed Whelk Shells by Shell On Earth

Recycled crushed, washed and dried whelk shells. Ideal for indoor plant pot and terrarium top dressing. Great for cacti, succulents and most houseplants. Alternatively you can mix the shells into soil or compost to increase drainage.


  • Plant pot and terrarium dressing
  • Garden borders and beds
  • Drainage layer to aid runoff
  • Surface mulch to retain moisture
  • Natural, gentle weed and pest control

This is a natural product from the sea which is packaged in a reusable and fully recyclable paper bag. 'Super Crush' contains a finer crush of shells than other bags which is ideal for top dressing miniature plants and pots.

Mini: approximately 1.5kg of shells.

Small: approximately 3kg of shells.

Super Crush: approximately 1.5kg of shells.

vendor:grow urban.

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