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Article: 2023 grow urban gift guide

2023 grow urban gift guide - grow urban.

2023 grow urban gift guide

Stockings still hang empty, below the tree is bare and the Christmas gifting stress is settling in! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a whole host of wonderful gift ideas. So here is our updated 2023 Christmas Guide to give you a helping hand in finding the perfect presents for plant enthusiasts!

Indoor Plant Tool Kit Essentials

We’ve noticed many plant lovers tend to prioritise purchasing new plant pals, but often neglect their plant care tools. Let us help carefully curate the perfect bundle of plant care accessories for optimum jungle maintenance. Most houseplants come from hot and humid environments and Scotland doesn’t quite offer enough humidity to keep leaves happy and healthy, so misting is a great way to keep humidity levels up. ‘The Smethwick Spritzer’ by Haws is a stylish option that delivers a fine spray ideal for tending to tropical houseplants. Alternatively, look to our ‘Brown Glass Mister’ as an excellent, affordable stocking filler.

Watering cans are great for maintaining houseplants across the home. From 1 pint to 1 ½ gallons we have watering cans fit for jungles of all sizes. Be it a few plants on a windowsill or a home filled to the brim with lush foliage we’ve got you covered. Made right here in the UK, Haws have been creating beautiful watering cans for the last 130 years and is the world’s oldest watering can manufacturer. We offer a variety of their traditional styles in various sizes that not only help your plant savvy friends with their watering schedule, but also look great out on display in the home. 

Many plant lovers make do with an old, blunt pair of scissors, but plants are kept happiest when they are pruned back with sharp, clean tools. We currently stock a variety of notable tool brands including Niwaki and Corona - tools renowned for their craftsmanship, precision and durability.

Our favourites options include the ‘Niwaki Forged Snips’ which are superb for pruning thinner stems or ‘Niwaki Pro Secateurs’ which have been designed to cut through thicker branches. Have a smaller budget? Have no fear Burgon and Ball’s Houseplant Pruners are a great affordable option and make excellent stocking fillers.

If your plant crazed pal is already equipped with quality care tools, look at our range of care accessories. Niwaki’s ‘Crean Mate’ and ‘Sharpening Stone’ alongside the Corona ‘Sharpening Tool’ keep tools fresh and functional for years to come! Present your tool kit in our top of the range ‘Niwaki Pouch’. Complete with an across the body strap, belt loop and reinforced pockets it keeps your sharps safe and handy whilst tending to your plants. Throw in a matching ‘Niwaki Cap’ to keep them stylish and protected from the elements.

Finally, treat your outdoor gardening friends like royalty with our prized Niwaki Golden Spade available in two sizes! For stocking filler inspiration look no further than our ‘Niwaki Gloves’ and the ‘Finger Micro Snip’ by Corona.

Boosts for Budding Botanist.
Peruse our selection of top tools for budding botanists that are looking to give their new plants a boost! Worried some plants aren’t receiving enough light? Give plants a helping hand during the darker winter months with our Pianta LED Grow Light Bulb from GROWGANG. Designed using Samsung’s latest horticultural LED technology, this bulb emits a warm and natural light that screws into standard European light fittings that allows plants to thrive without sacrificing home décor. Add in a pair of our Houseplant Duster Gloves as a stocking filler to keep leaves dirt free which allows for optimum levels of photosynthesis. 

Finally, for more forgetful plant parents or frequent travellers House of Thol Watering Globes, and Plant Straws are an excellent self-watering option that ensure plants stay hydrated even in periods of a little neglect. Alternatively, look at our brand-new range of watering globes by Pepin. Hand-crafted in Andalusia with corks from sustainable cork forests in France, this self-watering solution is perfect for neglectful plant parents and comes in coral pink, grey, matt black, pastel green, pearly white or terracotta. 

The Experimental Plant Parent 
There are so many ways to grow plants! From cuttings to seedlings, we have a wide range of resources as gifts for more experimental plant parents. 

Look at our growing kits and choose from Bonsai, Cactus, Carnivorous, Coffee and Jalapeno! These kits contain everything needed to get experimental and grow unusual options. These fantastic kits contain 2 biodegradable rice husk pots, a bag of organic, peat free compost, seeds and detailed instructions. For another option, create your own kit with our selection of growing essentials. Choose from our array of grow urban fruit, veg or flower seeds. Pair these with one of our Mini Greenhouse Propagator and add in SowHow: A Modern Guide to Grow-Your-Own-Veg for an extensive guide from sowing, planting and harvesting your own veg! 

Looking for the perfect gift for plant parents running out of counter space? Our wall mounted propagation station offers a unique way to display plant cuttings and allow you to watch as new roots begin to sprout. These glass test tubes include the wall bracket, brass slot screws and wall plugs to ensure you have everything you need for an easy install. Alternatively, take their trailing vines to new heights with our Houseplant Climbing Clips. The perfect solution to training climbing houseplants up walls. These fabulous clips are also the perfect size for slipping into Christmas stockings! 

For Christmas well wishes choose one of our ‘seeded notecards’. These cards are full of different seed varieties and once read can be dampened and planted in soil to grow your very own plants. For more festive themed cards check out our selection of Christmas cards by All the Ways to Say and Studio Wald.

The grow urban Lover

We love our regulars. Between Grove Street and St Vincent we often recognise familiar faces coming to visit. So why not show you care by presenting them with some products from one of their favourite places?

What better motto to live by than “drink coffee. buy plants. repeat.”, better yet spread the word with our fabulous grow urban tote bags! For coffee lovers look no further than our very own coffee beans by Mr Eion, perfect for those who want to make their favourite brew at home. For those who prefer to let our Plant Gurus make the coffee, present them with one of our keep cups! Bringing in their grow urban keep cup will also get 50p off any of our hot drinks to takeaway. It really is the gift that keeps on giving!

Still unsure? Sometimes the best presents are the ones they choose themselves so grab a grow urban gift card to use in store or online!

Terrarium Enthusiasts

Planted Terrariums make fantastic gifts due to their ability to create their own ecosystem. This means they recycle their own air and water and essentially look after themselves. Simply place in bright, in-direct light and watch as your tiny jungle begins to grow.

Has your friend or loved one always wanted to build their own terrarium? Why not put together a kit with everything they need to create their own! There are a couple of key ingredients to building happy and healthy closed terrariums. First, choose a vessel with a lid. We recommend our Nukuku Aged Brass terrariums, which are available in 3 sizes. For a more affordable option look to our clear glass vessels and Smoked Glass Terrarium Vessels. 

Terrariums are typically built in layers including a drainage layer, bacteria preventative, growing medium and humidity loving plants. Therefore, your kit should include Soil Ninja Clay Pebbles, Soil.Ninja Activated Charcoal, Soil.Ninja Terrarium Blend and plants such as Calatheas, Ferns or Hypoestes. Add in the great book ‘Terrariums: A Beginner’s Guide’ and some essential tools such as Terrarium Tools, Terrarium Scissors and Terrarium Angled Tweezers to create the perfect terrarium building package.

Botanical Interiors

We have a whole host of home accessories perfect for gift giving over the festive season! 

Who doesn’t love a stack of coffee table books for a simple and stylish way to add décor to their home? Check out our wide selection of books for plant lovers! From the gorgeous, illustrated guide to plant life ‘Botanicum’ to ‘​​The Modern Gardener’ by Sonya Patel-Ellis. As a little extra or the perfect stocking filler add in our Houseplant or Mushroom Bookmarks to mark their favourite pages with an extra decorative touch!

Explore our range of botanical inspired scented candles including Limeleaf & Ginger, Black Pomegranate and Tomato & Blackcurrant. Our grow urban candles are made up of 100% plant wax poured into brown glass jars and have an average burn time of 50 hours! For those looking for gorgeous scents without having to light a candle, our diffusers are available in Limeleaf & Ginger, Black Pomegranate and Sea Salt & Spray. These natural based reed diffusers contain a high-quality blend of aromatic oil in a 100% natural vegetable base.

Noticed blank walls just waiting for the perfect print to be gifted? All the Ways to Say prints have been adorning our shop displays since we first opened back in 2019! Their popular prints come in a range of botanical settings from the Plant Shop to Retro Kitchen and are the perfect decorative touch for any home. For a thoughtful addition add in an Oak Poster Hanger available in A4 or A3 so your gift can go up on the wall straight after unwrapping it!

Our gorgeous selection of botanical tea towels by Studio Wald are another great gift option for the home. Available in 3 striking hand printed designs including Sunflower, Leaves or Alocasia. These add the perfect splash of colour and design to often sterile kitchen spaces! For the perfect stocking filler Studio Wald also offers their Pocket Flower Press. These are for those who love to preserve flowers, leaves and other plants on the go for crafts or keepsakes!

Make your plants stand out with Pow Pots. These vibrantly, patterned pots are one of our most popular pot options and are hand painted right here in the UK. Pair with a plant of your choice to make the perfect unique gift this Christmas! Our Plant Stands also offer great solutions to those running out of space to display their houseplant collections.

Add in some of our smaller gift items as stocking fillers like our Tiny Plant Pot Companions. Handmade by Lily Faith in the UK using responsibly sourced and recycled materials our tiny decorative plant pot companions can be popped into the compost of houseplants. These wooden woodland creatures include Badgers, Bees, Foxes, Frogs, Hedgehogs, Ladybirds, Robins, Snails or Squirrels.

Other excellent smaller items for stockings include our Black Pepper, Lemon & Vetiver Hand Cream or the grow urban Gardeners Soaps. Pop in our Monstera or Mushroom Sticky Notes for avid note takers and planners!

Check out these fabulous gifts in store or order through our website and have the urban jungle delivered to your door!