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Article: A History of 92 Grove Street, Edinburgh

A History of 92 Grove Street, Edinburgh - grow urban.

A History of 92 Grove Street, Edinburgh

From hidden gems to celebrated landmarks, Edinburgh’s rich history shines through in its incredible range of architectural delights. Home to our flagship store, 92 Grove Street has been a talking point since the day we opened. So, let’s take a look back at the history of this incredible building and the area it belongs to!

Fountainbridge is almost unrecognisable since it was first built. Modern office blocks, hotels and new builds have all replaced the old factories and tenement blocks. Even the birthplace of the legendary Sean Connery at 176 Fountainbridge was demolished, only remembered by a plaque where the tenement once stood. Yet 92 Grove Street remains much unchanged since it was first built in 1864.

This building was designed by British architect Frederick Thomas Pilkington. Predominantly the architect of Churches and Scottish institutional buildings, Pilkington favoured a Victorian Gothic style which is highlighted in the lavish carvings and grandeur of his designs. One of his most famous Edinburgh designs was the Barclay Church on Viewforth which was also completed in 1864. However, the architect has designed buildings located across the UK in Cardiff, Dundee and the Scottish Borders.

Look up and take in the plethora of window types ranging from the pointed arch, round arch, elliptical arch, and horse-shoe arch on each floor. Botanical carvings adorn the walls of this fascinating building whilst a central figure sits above the door into the shop below. Look to the higher levels and notice the twisted pillars on either side of the windows. On the Fountainbridge facing wall another carved panel can be seen between the first and second floor. A clenched hand holding a star surrounded by carved foliage, below this lies a ribbon with the words Sola, Virtus and Noblitat.

We are not the first shop to inhabit the ground floor of this fascinating build and although it is unclear who originally occupied the space, it is evident from it’s three large windows that it was intended for commercial spaces. Over the last 100 years this spectacular space has been passed between a grocers, a carpet shop, a wedding dress boutique, stationers and in 2019 became a haven for plant and coffee lovers alike! Step inside and find the photo of Fishers General Store to see how this space looked in the 1950s!

Now, Fountainbridge is host to many incredible small businesses so why not wander along and take in this fantastic building? Stop by the urban jungle for your fill of plants and coffee while you are at it!