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Article: The Best Plants to Replace your Christmas Tree

The Best Plants to Replace your Christmas Tree - grow urban.

The Best Plants to Replace your Christmas Tree

Sadly, the festive period is over and it’s time to pack away the seasonal decor. Don’t let the Christmas Tree-sized gap get you down, instead treat yourself to a lush new plant pal as the perfect way to fill newly emptied spots. Here are some of our favourite impactful yet easy-care houseplants to freshen up your home for the new year!


Dracaenas are an excellent easy care plant option without having to sacrifice large amounts of space. Their compact, pillar-like growing habitat allows them to seamlessly fit into slimmer spaces. Alongside this, their shade tolerant nature makes them the perfect stress-free option for North facing homes with dark corners to fill. 

These plants will do best in bright-indirect light but will tolerate shade. The compost should be allowed to dry out almost completely between waterings. A clear indicator of when the plant is ready to be watered is when the compost starts to come away from the sides of its plastic pot. Mist the leaves frequently.

There are over 120 different varieties of Dracaena in tall, short and shrubby forms, therefore there is one to fit any space. Check out the ‘Janet Lind’, ‘Marginata’ and ‘Compacta’ varieties we have had available!

Ficus elastica

Ficus elastica commonly referred to as a Rubber Tree are falsely considered to be one of the more difficult houseplant varieties. This is usually due to overwatering or if the plant has been placed in a particularly draughty spot. However, Ficus survive best with a little neglect and at least half the pot of compost should be allowed to dry out between waterings. They should be placed in bright, indirect light and should be kept out of draughty spots. Mist the foliage a couple of times a week and wipe the leaves to keep them clean.  Check out the deep burgundy-coloured leaves of the Ficus ‘Abidjan’, or choose the Ficus ‘Tineke’ whose bright variegated leaves are sure to stand out in your houseplant collection!


Palms are favoured for the touch of leafy elegance they bring to any space. These fabulous plants are native to tropical rainforests and their lush fronds love frequent misting in our homes. Make sure not to place these plants directly in a window and avoid displaying them too close to heat sources such as radiators and fireplaces. The direct sunlight and dry heat will cause the leaves to scorch and dry out. 

Palms do best in bright, indirect light but can tolerate levels of shade. Give them a drink when the top inch of soil is dry. We have varieties in multiple sizes to fit big and small spaces so check out our Kentias, Arecas and Parlour Palms we have in stock!

Philodendron ‘Imperial Green’

Philodendrons are an excellent genus for those who want lush, leafy plants without heavy plant care maintenance. The Philodendron ‘Imperial Green’ will do best in bright, indirect light and will tolerate medium light conditions. They should be watered when the top inch to two inches of soil is dry.  For slightly more forgetful plant parents these plants can tolerate occasional neglect so are a great hardy option. 

There are many varieties of this genus available so if you are looking for something a little more compact in nature peruse the Philodendron Scandens (160cm), Philodendron ‘Ring of Fire’ or Philodendron ‘Birkin’.


Yuccas are another fantastic upright option to fill newly emptied spots. These plants have adapted to the hot and dry conditions of their natural habitats by storing a huge amount of water in their trunks. For this reason, they should be allowed to dry out completely between waterings. Mist the leaves occasionally to prevent browning tips. Place in a nice bright spot! Check our Yucca elephantipes and Yucca guatemalensis varieties.

Monstera deliciosa

A firm favourite amongst the houseplant community, the Monstera deliciosa is the perfect statement plant with its large fenestrated leaves and sprawling growing habit. These plants thrive in bright, indirect light and require occasional misting throughout the week. To check that they are ready to be watered, stick your finger into the compost at least two inches deep. If the soil is dry then it's time to water! These monstrous plants naturally sprawl outwards, however for those with slightly smaller spaces choose our Monstera on a moss pole for a more upright growing habit!

Keep the January blues at bay and drop by either of our shops for plant and coffee therapy. Alternatively, order online from the comfort of your own home!