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Article: Plants with special meaning for your Valentine

Plants with special meaning for your Valentine - grow urban.

Plants with special meaning for your Valentine

It’s time to celebrate all things love! Whether it be a grand gesture, or a table-top token spread a little bit of affection with some of our favourite plants with extra special meanings. Remember Valentine’s Day is not just about your significant other, so show all of your loved ones you care with a little plantae friend

Marimo Moss Ball: Everlasting Love

Marimo Moss Balls are a symbol of true and everlasting love due to the Japanese legend of Senato and Manibe. It is a tale of forbidden love between the daughter of a Chief and a commoner. After their tribes prohibited their union, the young couple ran away to Lake Akan. Some say the couple fell into Lake Akan and became Marimo Moss Balls. Whilst other versions say the lovers happily lived out their lives together and their spirits became Marimo Moss Balls. Moss Balls can live to be hundreds of years old and have become a symbol of love that can endure the wear of time. 

Whether or not they are chosen for their symbolism, Marimo are sought-after gifts due to their fluffy appearance bobbing in corked jars.

To care for a Marimo Moss Ball simply change out the water once a fortnight with distilled water and place in bright, indirect light. Roll between your hands occasionally to mimic rolling over the bottom of a lake.

Chinese Money Plant: Good Fortune

Pilea peperomioides, commonly known as the Chinese Money Plant, is a semi-succulent renowned for their funky, circular leaves.  Many people believe that this plant is considered a symbol of good fortune and abundance due to their coin shaped leaves. However, this plant gets its lucky reputation from tales of poor farmers making their fortunes from Pilea peperomioides after this fast-growing plant quickly multiplied in their fields. There are also tales of lottery wins after being gifted this plant. So why not try your luck?

Regardless of their symbolic meanings these plants make great gifts due to their easy-care nature. They require bright, in-direct light and should be watered when the top inch of soil dries out. These are a popular gift option for new job well wishes, or for those moving into a new home!

Aloe vera: Healing and Protection

Aloe vera is commonly recognised by its blue-grey spiky leaves that in the wild can grow to a whopping 3 feet in size! Due to their medicinal properties this plant is widely considered as a symbol of healing and protection. The gel found in the Aloe leaves is traditionally used for a plethora of medical uses including the treatment of burns and other inflammation. This plant was even known as the plant of immortality by the Egyptians and was their chosen plant to take with them to the afterlife. 

They are another easy-care option as they require bright, in-direct light, but can tolerate shadier conditions. They should also be allowed to dry out completely before re-watering.

Maranta ‘Fascinator’: Gratitude

This gorgeous plant with overlapping oval leaves and striking pink veining is commonly known as a Prayer Plant. The Maranta ‘Fascinator’ is considered a symbol of gratitude due to the raising and bowing of their leaves depending on light as if, as its common name suggests, it is bowing in prayer. This is great Valentine’s Day option to show your appreciation for all the love and support you receive from your partner! 

Another member of the marantaceae family is the Calathea genus. This plant group consists of highly patterned, colourful leaves and are popular gifts for adding a splash of colour to the home. Similar to the Maranta, this plant’s symbolism is inspired by the movement of the Calatheas leave which raise up at night. For this reason, these plants have become a symbol of new beginnings or turning over a new leaf. This plant has real gift potential for a budding romance! 

To care for Calathea and Maranta, position them in bright, indirect light away from any heat sources such as radiators and fireplaces and allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings. Calatheas love humidity so ensure to mist your plant frequently throughout the we

Ferns: Sincerity and Hope

Ferns come in so many different varieties, but all can be identified by their delicate leaves and splayed fronds! These fascinating plants symbolic meanings vary around the world. The Victorians - who often favoured different plants and flowers as a way of communicating secret messages - viewed them as a symbol of sincerity and secret love. Whilst in Celtic and Irish folklore, ferns are often referred to as symbols of healing and magic. In Japanese culture they are considered a valuable symbol of hope for future generations and family. Finally move across to New Zealand and the Māori consider ferns as a symbol of new beginnings! So, Ferns truly are a versatile plantae gift option with a plethora of symbolic meanings.

When caring for ferns ensure they are placed in bright, indirect light or in a shady spot. Direct light or placing your fern too close to a heat source such as a radiator or fireplace will cause the foliage to dry out. Ferns thrive in high humidity so misting frequently throughout the week is essential.

Don’t limit Valentine’s Day to only celebrating your partner! Remember to show your appreciation for all of life’s cheerleaders – whether that be a family member, special friend or supportive colleague! Spread the love!