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Article: Autumn Gift Guide

Autumn Gift Guide - grow urban.

Autumn Gift Guide

Autumn is finally here and we are looking forward to the changing leaves, crisp days, and hot chocolate overloads! Here is our list of top gift ideas with an autumnal twist

New Home in Edinburgh 

Edinburgh is one of the most wonderful places to live. From the historic architecture to thriving community of small business we can understand why someone, like us, would choose to call this beautiful city their home!

Friend just moved to the Capital? Look no further than their friendly neighbourhood plant shop for the perfect new home gift to make their move a little more comfortable!

In our opinion, one of the most perfect plants to add leafy flare to any home is the Monstera Deliciosa. It’s easy care and looks great in one of our dark cement decorative pots! Add in ‘Edinburgh weekend walks’ by Nick Drainey for some inspiration for autumnal local walks in their new neighbourhood, whilst keeping things cosy and comforting with our selection of growurban. candles! Choose from Black Pomegranate, Tomato and Blackcurrant or Limeleaf and ginger. 

Can’t shop in store? Order online for local or UK delivery!

New job

Friend nervous about starting a new job? Why not choose a wee celebratory plant and pot for their desk to wish them luck!

We recommend choosing a Pilea Peperomioides. Commonly known as the Chinese Money Plant, these gorgeous plants are said to symbolise abundance and good fortune. Add a fun touch to often sterile office environments with one of our hand-painted pow pots. Alternatively, look to our selection of terrariums for a miniature desk top ecosystem. Even better they essentially look after themselves!


Whether it’s been a year of friendship, or you are celebrating your Diamond anniversary, let us guide you towards the perfect anniversary gift!

With the nights getting colder and darker, romantic evening strolls don’t feel as tempting. However, date night is still important so gift a box of Tree Families or Plant Bingo and settle in for a game’s night together. As a little extra share, a bar of our luxury Scottish chocolate bars with flavours including Cranachan White Chocolate, Dram of Whiskey Dark Chocolate, or Isle of Sky Sea Salt Caramel Milk Chocolate.

Check out our selection of Paperwhale cards to add the perfect anniversary message!

Outdoor Gardener

Autumn is the perfect time to get bulbs planted. Choose from varieties of Tulips and Alliums to add to outdoor spaces for Spring blooms. If your friend is an avid gardener their gloves are likely to be falling apart, and well-used tools probably need some serious TLC. We recommend Niwakis gardening gloves which are available in medium, large and extra large as well as their excellent selection of care accessories. These include Crean Mate for rust and sap removal, and their Sharpening Stones designed for secateurs, shears and other sharp gardening tools. Add in a bar of our growurban Gardeners Soap, with added pumice this soap is a real life saver for hardworking hands!

Always excited about Bramble season and looking to expand their foraging knowledge? We recommend ‘The Foragers Calendar’ by John Wright and ‘The Urban Forager’ by The Hoxton Mini Press for incredible insights into seasonal foraging in the UK as well as recipes on how to use them!

Plant Lover 

We always recommend choosing plants, however if your friend already has a jungle at home and you don’t know what they already have. Here are some of our Plant Gurus top picks for gifts they would love to receive as avid plant lovers. Good quality tools are every plant lovers dream, but when it comes to choosing plants or tools, plants win every time! Our favourite tools are by Niwaki for an incredible range of high quality, durable tools that will make any plant lovers heart skip a beat. Choose from their Foraged Snips, Pro Secateurs or Okatsune collection for houseplant pruning, or the Sentei Bonsai Scissors for Bonsai fanatics. 

Grow Lights are another sought after gift idea. These fantastic bulbs allow you to place your houseplant collection in low light spots as if they have access to natural sunlight. We recommend Grow Gang’s ‘Pianta LED Grow Light Bulb’ which can be fitted into traditional light fittings. Watering globes can also take the stress out of high volumes of plant care. Simply fill the bulb with water and insert the terracotta spout directly into the compost to allow the globe to slowly release water into the compost. Particularly, good for infrequent waterers or frequent travellers.

The Plant Rescuer is our go to for troubleshooting plant problems. Based in the UK, Sarah Gerrard-Jones shares her knowledge on tweaking watering schedules, treating pests and diseases and rescuing rejected houseplants. Why not wrap it all up in one of our grow urban totes?

Check out the gift section of our website for more inspiration!