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Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kit

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Some Funguys - Mushroom Grow Kit (White Oyster)

Grow your own mushrooms to impress your guests at your next dinner party! This super kit also makes an excellent gift for green-fingered friends.

What's in the kit: A 1.5kg mushroom fruiting block, pre-innoculated with mycelium, ready to produce fresh gourmet grey oyster mushrooms at home.

What you will need: A spray bottle, a sharp knife and a windowsill.

What you need to do: Cut open the bag, place on a windowsill, mist twice daily with water and grow gourmet mushrooms!

Some Funguys is a low tech/low waste cold gourmet mushroom farm producing a variety of gourmet mushroom grow at-home kits in the heart of the city of Edinburgh.