DeWit Spade 800mm


Dig in tighter spaces like flower beds, veg rows and borders without having to kneel or sit with this DeWit long-handled spade.

The lightweight head is hand-forged from tough carbon steel with a sharp rounded edge for superior soil penetration. Its smaller size allows you to effortlessly plant perennials in smaller areas, while the long ash T-handle allows you to work comfortably while standing up

As the handle will naturally shrink over time, a locking nut fixes the head in place - letting you simply re-tighten it to keep the spade solid and strong.

Easy to carry around the garden, the spade is a great lightweight alternative to a traditional garden spade for working in smaller areas.

Please note: take care not to place excessive strain on wooden handles when levering out roots or rocks in very firm soil. To help, water the area well to soften ground first.

Head: 11cm x 17cm
Total length: 96cm
Weight: 0.8kg


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